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Semi-finished products in Ag 99.99%


For the production of mechanical safety elements that require high precision, semi-finished products in Ag 99.99% are used, these products are able to offer precise load properties, resistance to chemical agents and have a stability that is guaranteed in the years to come.

The products for this type of application have an extremely high purity (99.99%) with a controlled oxygen content of less than 10ppm.


Copper sheeting in ultra-thin foil, with a surface treatment to prevent oxidization, is used in various industrial sectors such as the electronic industry, communications and renewable energies. One of the main uses, but not the only one, is the shielding of conductors, for example submarine cables.


Every single spool has all the information necessary for a complete traceability of the materials. Whereas every pack, as well as the previous information, has also details necessary for the handling such as the weight and other instructions, and information for the traceability by the client.



Pietro Galliani S.p.A has been producing and trading in the precious metal sector for more than 100 years.

Thanks to its long experience and extensive knowledge in this field, the company has obtained membership of the Register of Precious Metals Professional Dealers of The Bank of Italy, a prestigious recognition that enables it to operate in Italian and international markets.

Pietro Galliani S.p.A has at its disposal a high-tech, innovative plant for the refining of gold and silver, as well as well-equipped laboratories that are able to guarantee the maximum accuracy during metal analysis

Our Partner

Pietro Galliani Spa is a market-maker in the exclusive European industrial field of ultra-thin precious and non-ferrous metals mill products specialties.


From the origins in early 900, the Company has followed a path of innovation and engineering specialization which is completely unique and unrepeatable.


The philosophy of the Company has always been aimed to the achievement of excellence in the quality for a wide range of products and to the full satisfaction of each customer’s expectation.


Particular attention has always been devoted to laboratories for analysis and characterization of materials, capable of the most sophisticated and rigorous investigations on chemical and mechanical properties, which have been recognized, since 2003, the Ministry of Education and Research of the Italian Republic.